Solar Radiant Heating FAQ

1. How do Radiant Heating Systems Work?
There are several different ways that solar hot water systems can be used to provide home heating - offsetting the amount heating oil, propane, natural gas or wood that you use. These Include:
In-Floor radiant heating - a series of PEX Tubing Loops are installed under your floorboards. As hot water passes through them, they transfer their heat up, through the floor, providing space heating
Baseboard Radiator Heating - this type of heating uses baseboard radiators which transfer heat throughout the rooms where they are located. By running solar hot water through these radiators you can significantly reduce the cost of heating
Forced Hot Air Heating - this is one of the most popular forms of heating, and many homes today already have these systems in place. By linking your solar hot water system to an air-over heat exchanger you can reduce the amount heating fuel used for heating your home, and therefore your annual heating bills
2. How Much Fuel Does Heating My Home use?
Again, this is really determined by many factors about your particular home. These factors include:
The size of your home (or the space you are heating).
Your home's insulation levels.
How drafty your doors and windows are.
How cold is it on average where you live.
It is a safe bet to say that a single family home in a Northern Climate can use 4 or more 1000L heating oil tanks worth of heating fuel throughout a single year. With the price of heating oil today, this is tremendous cost and burden on most homeowners - but one that can easily be alleviated with a solar hot water system.
3. What do I Heat My Home with Now?
Most people heat their home with a variety of different fuel sources. The most common fuel sources include:
Heating Oil.
Natural Gas.
The problem is that these fossil fuels are extremely dirty and bad for the environment. And, additionally, they are becoming extremely expensive, especially with the credit crunch that many are facing today.
4. How Much Money Does the Average Household Spend on Heating ?
Home Heating can account for more than 20% (and sometimes more than 30%) of your total annual energy costs.
5. How Much Does a JinYi Radiant Heating Solar Hot Water System Cost?
This will vary depending on your heating needs. It is a safe bet that a Radiant Heating System will involve many evacuated tube solar collectors, and may cost in the neighborhood of $10,000 or more in initial investment. However, with today's energy prices, this investment can be recouped as fast, if not faster, than using a solar hot water system strictly for domestic hot water.
6. Why Should I use a JinYi Solar Hot Water System for my Home Heating ?
There are many important reasons that you should use a solar hot water system. These include:
Solar hot water systems are good for environment, and will help maintain a healthy earth for generations to come.
Solar hot water systems are extremely affordable, and priced hundreds of dollars lower than national competitors.
Solar hot water systems can save your hundreds, or thousands, of dollars every year.
Solar hot water systems are extremely efficient and cost-effective - generally our systems pay for themselves in 5-6 years Or less.