Solar Pool & Spa Heaters FAQ

1. Can I use JinYi Solar Hot Water Systems to Heat my Pool or Spa?
Yes. In fact, Pool Heating is considered one of the most affordable, efficient and cost-effective uses of Solar Hot Water Systems today. Heating a pool or spa can require a significant amount of propane, natural gas or electricity, and as energy prices continue to rise, it is becoming a more and more unneccesary and unaffordable expense. However, a heated pool often provides the benefit of being to swim earlier in the spring and later in the fall in all locations, and even all year round in some locations.
2. What JinYi Collectors do I use to Heat my Pool?
JinYi evacuated tube solar collectors and flat plate solar collectors are well-suited for solar pool/ spa heating applications. Additionally, JinYi carries pool heating solar collector, which are a very low-cost poly-bag solar collector designed for heating swimming pools in warmer, southern climates. Also, JinYi has a number of Pre-Packaged Solar Pool Heaters and Solar Spa Heaters that use JinYi flat plate and evacuated tube solar collectors. Any of these options are a great choice for residential pools (though Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors should be used in northern climates), but for larger municipal and commercial pools, recommends you contact a sales representative to size and design our large scale solar pool heating system.
3. What do I Heat my Pool/Spa with Now?
Most people heat their pools/spas with a variety of different fuel sources. The most common fuel sources include:
Heating Oil.
Natural Gas.
The problem is that these fossil fuels are extremely dirty and bad for the environment. And, additionally, they are becoming extremely expensive, especially with the credit crunch that Many people are facing today.
4. What Components are needed for a JinYi Solar Pool Heating System?
As with any other solar hot water system there are a number of key components that are required for a solar pool heater to work efficiently and properly. These components include:
Solar Collectors
Solar Loop Circulator Pump
Heat Exchanger
Automatic Controller
Actuator and 3-Way Valve
Your Existing Pool System: Timer, Pump, Filter, etc
Other Basic Plumbing Hardware: Pipes, Joints, Valves, Gauges, etc
5. Why Should I use a JinYi Solar Hot Water System for my Pool or Spa Heating?
There are many important reasons that you should use a solar water heater systems. These include:
Solar water heater systems are good for environment, and will help maintain a healthy earth for generations to come
Solar water heater systems are extremely affordable, and priced hundreds of dollars lower than national competitors
Solar water heater systems can save your hundreds, or thousands, of dollars every year
Solar water heater systems are extremely efficient and cost-effective - generally our systems pay for themselves in 5-6 years or less.