Solar Water Heating Background
With the development of the society and the continuous progress of human civilization. People pay more and more close attention to save energy and protect the environment. developing and utilizing renewable energy has became key project to research to every country. As green, renewable and popular energy, solar energy have became the first importance to develop, and we got good progress about it particularly solar water heating. Because of simple structure and cheap price, evacuated tube solar water heating and falt plate solar water heating has become the leading products in the market. JINYI heating project suit to any place where need hot water, for example industry, dormitory, hotel, bathing pool, houses and so on. We can carry out environmental protection and saving energy without auxiliary energy or with little energy. Solar energy come from nature, it is clear and free, you can collect at any place. we have open up and develop lots of different kinds centre heating system that suit to different demands. With many year's practice, we have accumulated much experience, and we cultivate technology personnel in designing, produce and installation of engineering. We are the one of earliest companies to be engaged in center heating system in China. From the early days.

Commercial vacuum tube solar water heating project
Commercial flat plate solar collector solar water heating project