Jinyi Solar New Year Messages

Dec 31, 2020
Jinyi Solar New Year Messages
What better opportunity than the arrival of a New Year to improve!
The 2020 year about to end is full of challenge, success and joy, for what we have to thank to dear customers and dear employees, your effort and dedication for taking ahead our company, have make this dream come true. Every time that our customers purchase any of our solar water heater products, each member of the Jinyi Solar team work their best to satisfy all customers with the best service and product.
We wish the best to our dear customers and users, because you are the most important part of our company, and also to our employees, as a reward for their dedication and effort to deliver a first class service.
In this coming 2021 New Year, Jinyi Solar pledge to continue with our commitment to you, prioritizing the care and dedication to continue giving you the same good service you deserve.
Wish a Happy New Year to all!