solar Project Management

This project before the construction, the constructor should be familiar with the engineering design document and the house structure, and the coordinate construction constructor completes the roofing hole to reserve and the waterway pipeline arrangement, the roofing waterproof layer processing protection and so on the related matters needing attention. In the installation process strictly according to the country with the profession related standard and the standard careful construction, the careful organization inspects the approval, guarantees the project quality by the fine management to achieve finely. In the construction organization, implementation project manager the responsibility system, project manager is responsible for the entire project the technology, the quality, the security and the construct control. Construction each link all has the specialized owner to be responsible, to cause the project construct control scientific style, the standardization.
In order to enable the project disposable below to achieve the fine rank, formulates especially manages stipulated:
1. Provides the first-class solar-powered water heater product, by specialized the installation personnel to install. Completes the project construction according to the related standard standard, guarantees the project quality and the progress conforms to the contract requirement, turns over the project on time to the user.
2. Before the project construction, lets the installation personnel first to be familiar with the construction blueprint, by guaranteed the project strictly carries on the construction according to the design paper.
3. Be responsible for the job location the guarding and the security work, guarantees the project, the person and the property is not injured.
4. Make sure the location clean condition conforms to the related stipulation, achieves the civilized construction.
5. Completes the job location and the neighbor construction, the equipment pipeline protection work according to the user request.
6. During the project construction process, modestly and patiently accepts the user the surveillance, the inspection and the feedback opinion. Harmoniously with user's relations, sets up the Jinyi brand image.
7. Completes with the construction unit's synchromesh work, completes the project together, lets the user be satisfied.
8. Completes the safe protective measure, the work high above the ground is the good safety belt, wears the safety helmet. And is responsible for the job location other trouble-free services.
9. Before the project is official given to user, be responsible for already the project end product protection work.
10. After project completion and the user approval, according to the stipulation request, provides the product certificate of quality to the user, the instruction for use and so on and give a training to user.

           Project quality guarantee system and quality specification

In order to guarantee the project quality, from the project plan design, to the product manufacture, installs the entire process all to bring into line with the ISO9001 quality control system, and the establishment the engineering project person in charge technology responsibility system which undertakes by the specialized technical personnal, the scene construction establishment quality supervisor. In the construction process, strictly according to the contract content, the time limit for a project and the installment quality requirement carries on the work, the project quality conforms to the standard requirement.
1. engineering design: After the project contract evaluation, the engineering dept namely sends the engineers and technicians to prospect on the spot to the scene, carries on the engineering design and the formulation construction plan according to the user request and the scene inspection actual situation.
2. Product manufacture: Conforms to national and professional standard
GB/T 17,049 - 1,997 "Entire Glass Vacuum Sun Collection Heat pipe"
GB/T 19,141 - 2,003 "home use solar water heater/System engineering factor "
NY/T 513 - 2,002 "Home use Solar Water heater Electricity Auxiliary Energy"
3. Acceptance of work: Strictly according to national standard GB/T 18713-2002 "Solar energy Hot water System design, Installment And Acceptance of work Technology standard" the request carries on the approval.

                 Post-sale service and pledge

Because jinyi Solar is a professional solar water heater manufacturer, had a set of perfect quality guarantees system, and passed ISO9001: 2,000 international quality systems authentication, an each household maintenance card, its remarkable quality lets you not have the extra worries. In order to facilitate the user, this company practices 3-star the post-sale service system, sets up the office in each place. When the system movement appears the breakdown, this company after receives the user notice, and the customs of the times person will go to the scene to fix the breakdown. Explained specially that, This company customer service center also establishes the user file, carries on the quality follow-up regularly, visits the inspection service.
This company seriously pledged that, the solar energy hot water project main engine maintains for three years, the lifelong provides the service service.
Below is our company concrete maintenance scope:
1. the vacuum tube has any quality problem, in the warranty period the free replacement;
2. stores the hot water tank to appear the water leakage phenomenon, in the warranty period the free service;
3. stores the hot water tank heat insulating layer to expire, in warranty period free service;
4. the support distortion is unable normally to use, in warranty period free replacement;
5. this company selects the pipeline fitting, the intelligent meter and the electric appliance part appears the breakdown, maintains for a year.