Solar roof hook

Model: JRH1

Roof hook

Product Description:
High quality solar racking roof hook for tile roof installation
Thickness: 4.0mm
Material: 304 stainless steel
Application: heat pipe solar collector, vacuum tube solar collector, U pipe solar collector, flat plate solar collector, Solar panels.

your weight problems.
The JinYi Solar roof hook features an enormous load capacity. Although it weighs very little itself, the JinYi Solar roof hook offers more than twice the load capacity of a conventional roof hook. Conventional roof hooks often cannot be used on the basis of the static calculation since it is not possible to use the requisite number of roof hooks on the surface area available.

The JinYi Solar roof hook drastically reduces the required number of roof hooks. This means that the JinYi Solar roof hook provides extraordinary potential with incomparable cost efficiency as a result of its unique material-efficient design.

roof hook installation

1. Concrete Roof Tiles

Solar roof hook1
Solar roof hook2
Solar roof hook3

2.Roman Concrete Roof Tiles

Roof hook1
Roof hook2
Roof hook3
Roof hook4
Roof hook5
Roof hook6