" GB "lack of trade -name into a hidden army

Toyota intensified " recall "incident to each operator and manufacturer has sounded the alarm . Such a large scale , is the world's largest car manufacturer Toyota , the face of quality problems could be so vulnerable , businesses worry about facing life and death . To this end , the State Administration of Quality Supervision , said , set up a "national product defects and safety management Standardization Technical Committee " , will increase this year, product quality and safety monitoring . China is the world's largest solar thermal market ( promotion of solar collector area of 76% of the world ), is the world's largest solar collector manufacturing center , but " the world's largest " do not match , but due to disorderly competition in the solar industry Caused a lot of no-name products with low quality standards . Carbon emissions at the national critical period , there is no industry benchmark to measure and test the safety of qualified solar collector ? China solar collector will be the next "Toyota "? Economic Herald reporter visited the gathering place of domestic solar energy industry - with the "China Sun City "reputation of Texas .