Beijing new commodity stipulated by solar solar water heating system can be installed

Beijing municipal government will spend 2 million yuan of fixed assets investment subsidies, specially used for solar water heating system application. Yesterday, the Beijing municipal development and reform commission issued the solar water heating system project subsidy funds, the interim measures for the administration of Beijing commodity house, two new limit can get subsidies, subsidies area will reach 100 million square meters, and a subsidy of RMB 200 per square meter. The new, general commodity house, all kinds of public buildings, various industrial enterprise production process USES solar water heating system, and all kinds of both the project of new solar water heating system project, can obtain corresponding special allowance. Among them, the project shall apply for funding has installed solar water heating system and construction conditions of the site, the installation of more than 100 square metre to collectors. According to the introduction, a family use solar energy about 120-1.5 square meters, six ordinary residential building, which has the qualifications for such subsidies, but need to owner committee, etc. FangGuanSuo unified City officials say the NDRC's energy place, building construction time limit for January 1st commencement and completion of before the end of the year 2012. In funding and standards, and meet the conditions of the top 100 million square meters of the solar collector project owner, according to the actual unit can be installed with several get 200 yuan/square metre of special funds allowance. Currently solar water heating system construction, the cost of 1500 yuan per square - 2000 yuan. The total cost of subsidies for 10% to 15%. City officials say, live appoint relevant now Beijing has been used for solar energy collector system project has more than 550 million square meters, is mainly hospitals, hotels, school units more.