China's solar energy technology that former U.S. President marvel

Hearing on September 8 in the present held in Shanghai, " 2010 China International Friendship Cities Conference " during former U.S. president Jimmy Carter met with Deputy Chairman of the International Solar Energy Society , Solar Energy Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Huang Ming Ming Huang. During the talks, Carter presented a hold deep Huang Ming precious gift - 1 Taiwan 30 years ago in the White House roof to install solar water heaters, while giving Carter Wong Ming Wong Ming Group production of a solar hot water units Central 3G. This is produced in China 's solar water heater, solar energy using non-traditional use of technology , open each water point that is out of hot water, heating and water heating to achieve the synchronization, Carter impressed. " China in the new Energy The tremendous progress achieved in the field, as this solar-powered 3G central hot water unit , is amazing. " Carter said he would recommend the U.S. government, to use this water heaters produced in China to re- install in the White House roof, so that both sides share the solar energy industry innovation. According to reports, in the seventies of last century , due to the oil embargo, energy crisis caused by a direct threat to U.S. energy security, in response to the crisis, the then U.S. president Jimmy Carter as the establishment of the Department of Energy, developed a new energy policy and Will promote the use of solar energy as an important response to measure. To this end, Carter also asked the staff at the White House roof is now installed on this platform presented to Huang Ming of solar water heaters. 30 years later, China came from behind has become the world's largest producer of solar water heaters , have advanced related technologies. Huang Ming , said that Taiwan 's solar energy from the water heater to the White House is a landmark treasure , the two countries in the solar field is the development process of witness, will be permanently stored in Shandong Sun Valley, Texas Museum of the World Solar Inside . More importantly , digital storage and distribution base in not only the adjustment of product structure and function of blending , there are strong functional reserve, which will help to promote national energy security strategy of promoting , as a coal production in China, consumer, Proportion of coal in our energy resources, more than seventy in the food, oil and other strategic materials have the same time the establishment of national reserve system , the urgent need to build coal reserve system. According to the person in charge of the project to build national coal reserve base is the focus on regional and national energy security, and effective response to bad weather and other possible impacts, the premise of meeting the national energy security , through Meitan stock of scientific management, use of "Selling compensation " operating strategy for emergency coal supply and the combination of normal coal supply . From extractive industries to services , and closely aligned with the upstream and downstream businesses , the competitors into partners , Kailuan Group in changing yourself, changing the whole. This year , the Group also Kailuan and suppliers of coal from abroad, and the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other domestic financial institutions reached a strategic cooperation intention; and in a wider scope , initiated the establishment of 28 companies formed by the domestic The first coal supply chain strategic alliances.