solar energy market should be blamed industry itself cold

Environmental protection , energy saving, safe, convenient and known Solar water heaters, the four countries in the water heater industry has achieved hegemony in the dominant position. Sales in recent years, increasing by 35% annually, the grassroots sectors into the almost fanatical state. But this year has been out of favor , of course, a lot of objective reasons , but I think the problem is the industry itself . The industry has social responsibility of the person every day to study chatter : No entry threshold , the standard loss , norms and self-discipline , but could not see a national trade association to guide these efforts , it was chaos . Analysis of the industry in each of their issues, talk about this first product questions: Environmental protection ; in product manufacture of foam insulation from the F11 to 1416 , to the low fluoride from fluoride , which is a big step forward , but the real possibility of using fluorine-free is very small , in the strict sense, yet can not be said Environmentally friendly products. Energy : There is no objection , but in the rainy -day access to electricity auxiliary heater , and its great power , not energy use . Ability to develop quick heating , energy consumption of auxiliary devices , truly saving more energy efficient . In addition, have to save water , solar water heaters installed in the roof , living in low water, often in hot water before use out of a lot of cold water, hot water can develop a supporting document to open , there is also worth studying. Security: First, water quality and safety . Solar water heaters do not meet the national drinking water quality standards , this water containing heavy metal ions by etching out , there are hot again produce sub- post salt , more blooms of all kinds of viruses , bacteria, bathing can cause skin disease , such as gynecological disease, consumption will be life-threatening disease . I have every day for farmers in poor areas or children cook with it or drink straight pray for peace . Priority is to develop an appropriate water treatment technologies, rather than speculative concept . The second is to install security . Solar water heater installed in the roof, balcony , high winds due to improper installation, storm overturned the defendant in place , the winter ice formed by water leaking crushing bystanders , have been surprised by . Because the standards have not installed and supervision verification system. Third, the safe use of electricity . Solar water heater triggered lightning comes in, the pipe with tropical burning , electric heater leakage occurs from time to time , this product is actually "hybrid "type appliances , must be enforced CCC, lightning protection measures must be enforced . Convenience: solar water heater is actually semi- supporting a variety of piping system components , through installation, commissioning and after a real product . Most of these accessories from the local market to buy , uneven quality , not user-friendly . Some manufacturers have adopted parts of integration , but the accessories too high fare increases , in name only. More seriously, control instruments , do not install it often overflows from Sheung Shui , giving the property an excuse to refuse to install . The use of the instrument , as is the electrode temperature and water level sensors , and scaling fast, poor water quality of two to three months would result in failure , false alarm . Once the problem occurs , users blamed the poor quality of solar water heaters , so not supporting, and instrument manufacturers to recycle 50% of each sensor , there is no benefit . I judge by current intelligence , digital still immature , at least the sensor problem has not been completely resolved. From the above analysis , solar water heater to the countryside do not have the conditions , because the product is not yet ripe , large areas of promoting the use of the next few years will certainly be a big problem , but also unthinkable . Well, since has been to the countryside , and the industry must reflect the same impulse to consumer- oriented, R & D to improve products constantly . Where industry associations around to guide enterprises to actively and effectively regulate self-discipline . Currently we are promoting Jiaxing Solar Energy Industry Association member companies do business standards , the purchase of detection equipment to work with both universities, research institutes to promote collaborative R & D technologies and products improve the product , but this is only a drop of water into the sea . Want the industry together to work together to make industry more brilliant sunshine .