Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern : China is the solar energy industry leader in

The current to ease environmental health pressure , energy diversity and security of energy supply to in recent years, different forms can be renewable energy the application a substantial increase in , solar energy is one of them. Solar energy potential is extremely significant , the sun per hour shines on the Earth's surface of energy than on the planet the total population a year the energy consumed more than . But how to control and use of this tremendous energy , is indeed a challenge. of solar energy Low intensity , that is collecting large enough , but to a large number of energy storage to meet the night and winter the energy load of . city Maximize the use of solar has its unique advantages. city Compact means of energy to the surrounded by transfer of loss amount smaller ; energy supply and application of the amount is very close . So you can design a house, it can absorb sunlight as a heating, ventilation and energy, can also be used the sun to replace electric lighting. Many new of energy application areas distinguished , well-known scholars in this meeting, delivered an important speech. Moreover , we have mature technology can be used solar collectors to provide hot water , for the heating system to provide energy or as air-conditioning system solar cells power-storage , of course, solar collectors can also be hung on the wall or on the roof To generate electricity. each Use of solar energy way corresponds to a unique climate. For example , Ireland's latitude our position now north of . However , where solar hot water supply to meet the annual hot water needs of 40% of ; Dublin, solar cells for the parking meter provide power , on the bus waiting room for passengers to provide timely information. These two places are very common , it is interesting , because the solar energy economically viable , why they get more applications. Using solar energy to to these independent power the system than dig up street , buried cables and by the power grid needs to be done measuring the economy more.