Start the Great Hunnan Shenyang comprehensive regional development in the old city building to solve

Twelfth National Games by the host machine, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province has launched a major Hunnan comprehensive regional development . The new city will gradually adopt solar, wind , geothermal and other clean energy drive, the first to explore solutions to the city sewage aggregate of the floor , ground traffic congestion , underground pipe network and other constraints vulnerable plight of the old town sustainable . Currently, the region integrated unit GDP energy consumption and quantity of water and many other indicators are the lowest level in Shenyang . Hunnan New District, Shenyang City, bear the city of environmental samples to create the task , the ecological indicator system as a reference , the district launched a comprehensive way , green , water system . Construction of advanced technology, scientific intelligence, complete and perfect , safe and convenient infrastructure for network systems, such as wires and other wires placed underground , underground pipeline system will be formed under the new city a person can walk upright in the corridor . Hunnan New Area is located in the National Games Village, the introduction of " carbon neutral " concept , its construction all in compliance with the national three-star green building standards , to achieve solar hot water supply , ground source heat pump heating and cooling , photovoltaic power , used in all venues LED semiconductor lighting , energy car to bear the new stadium the traffic task . Modeled in National Games Village with large Hunnan widely used solar power region , full use of ground source heat pump technology, the self- loop water purification . Against boiler , residential , commercial and service facilities will rely mainly on solar energy, wind energy, biomass power generation to solve . At the same time the establishment of sewage treatment, water reuse , rainwater collection, urban and rural integrated water recycling system , first implemented in the Shenyang City water supply by gradually building the city water works directly . This year in September , Hunnan New Eco City will apply for acceptance at the provincial level . By 2012, the new zone for the lower layer 6 below the full integration of architectural design and installation of solar water heater , ground source heat pump heating area of the region to achieve 30% of the total heating area . Rural areas, rural construction will be carried out low-carbon , 2 -year period , 40% of the conditional use of solar water heaters villages , towns and villages with 30% of the biomass gasification facility . With the city building "green" standards , strict enforcement of environmental Hunnan New "one-vote veto "system , source control environmental pollution from the project . Hunnan New industrial park planned in consumption of more than 3,000 tons of coal equivalent in energy audit business , strive to create China's first energy management system as the guide of the industrial park. At the same time , enable the policy levers to support Hunnan New low consumption , low emission , high-yielding , high value-added enterprise development zone . Onlly information, Neusoft Group and other companies represented by a low carbon economy has become the Hunnan New strategy mainstream of the development of new industries . Today, the Hunnan New Area has become an important manufacturing base for wind turbines , IC equipment manufacturing base and the animation industry base . According to statistics, Hunnan New District, 10,000 yuan GDP was 0.356 tons of standard coal comprehensive energy consumption , 10,000 yuan GDP water withdrawal 23.7 tons , two indicators are the lowest level in Shenyang .