Linhe rural quietly blowing "low-carbon wind"

" low-carbon life, low-carbon agriculture, ecological agriculture ... ... "These new words , for the rural areas of Linhe area was very strange. But now , cooking with a "low carbon "energy saving gas, farming facilities " low carbon " manure , shopping, choose " low-carbon "green products ... ... rural quietly swept the region, " low-carbon style. " " biogas " environmentally friendly and save money "This is my home pen, pig all flow into the digester , courtyards no smell , which also governs Dayong feces. Now I use gas for cooking , 10 minutes put a good meal, clean Saves time . " finish live from the ground back home in county towns governance Feng Wei Kuan rich peasant cooking side of his mouth . 30 square meters rely on heating cycle, this year he Pigs 13, 200 cubic meters biogas production , save 2 tons of standard coal , net income of more than 10,000 yuan . Beginning in 2006, Linhe bond project funds relying on gas , full implementation of the biogas -home project , after several years of construction, the region has been the development of rural household biogas a thousand households . Farmers into a 10 cubic meters of biogas a year, saving 800 lives cost of coal , electricity, 60 yuan; slurry can replace pesticide residue can guarantee two acres of fertilizer , fertilizer costs can save 150 yuan. Methane can promote the culture of the construction industry , according to household 10 years of slaughter pigs, 300 yuan per pig profit calculation, increase income to 3,000 yuan per year. A farmer can increase revenue more than 4000 yuan a year . Not only achieved the recycling of resources, improved the ecological environment, increased farmer income, the formation of resources, environment, economy and society a virtuous circle. The fields busy "saving" "I use soil testing and fertilizer technology out planting the right remedy, fertilizer utilization is increased , decreased significantly with fertilizer than in the past , only chemical fertilizer saved more than 500 yuan a year. " talking about the benefits of soil testing, fertilization , and land fight The rest of my life dealings of Tucker Town, Dong farmers establishing themselves emotionally . " carbon fertilization "is not only to reduce farming costs, improve economic efficiency of agriculture can also improve soil structure, is environmentally friendly and economical , was adopted by a growing number of farmers. In recent years, Linhe vigorously promote soil testing and fertilizer technology. The region this year, 180 million mu of cultivated land to eat the " nutrition catering " to save the region this year, more than 8200 tons of fertilizer to reduce the input of more than 3,000 yuan, more than 4,000 million increase in efficiency. Golden roof farmhouse "In rural areas, farmers are taking a bath is not convenient screenwriters do. Now with environmental protection, energy saving, security, solar energy, switch back to a tightening labor day, washed a cool bath is really so convenient. " roof Just the placement of solar water heaters Xinhua Town villagers Zhang Yongqiang, joy was palpable. According to relevant personnel, appliances to rural areas of policy implementation, there have been a lot of farmers come to buy solar water heaters , and now farmers are actively seeking comfortable and low-carbon life. Promote the use of solar energy to meet the farmers use hot water all year round bathing, cooking, laundry needs . It is estimated that each water heater the supply of hot water per year, equivalent to 214 kilograms of standard coal , 163 cubic meters of gas, 1748 kWh of electricity generated by the heat, bring the economic benefits of nearly 1000 yuan. The life of a solar water heater is 15 years, cost-saving nearly 1.5 million, about three years time will be the general cost recovery, into a one-time farmers, long benefited from the roofs of farm golden.