Huzhou City, started a comprehensive energy conservation in rural areas " tough fight "

Right now, Huzhou City, also started in the agricultural and rural areas of energy saving and emission reduction a " tough fight "and" protracted war . " Yesterday from Huzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture Rural Energy Office was informed that, as of the end of August , the new rural energy development and utilization (biogas, solar energy ) has energy saving 42,760 tons of standard coal , 106,900 tons of carbon dioxide emissions ; Ranch 2.5 million tons of sewage pollution , To reduce emissions by 11,960 tons COD ; rural biogas purification sewage 4.1 million tons , reducing COD emissions by 1,430 tons ; implementation of soil testing to reduce 4,600 tons of nitrogen fertilizer application rate ... ... This year, Huzhou city in promoting the development of agricultural industry , and strive to coordinate the development of production and environmental protection , actively carry out large-scale livestock and poultry , use of wastes in the city on hand pig 100 ( bovine 10 ) or more scale Of livestock and poultry farms have completed treatment , implementation of the complete 50 pig herds ( cattle 5 ) the size of livestock and poultry farms more than 32 experimental treatment . Positive change throughout the city while livestock models , and gradually created a rice-duck farming , waterfowl drought support, combined with farming , ecological farming model Cordyceps chickens , waterfowl scale drought support technology which can reduce 80% of the amount of sewage generated . Also actively work for greenhouse farming and shrimp breeding turtles treatment of the pollution . Focus on promoting the implementation of soil testing and fertilizer , pesticide reduction technology of controlling pests , it is known , Huzhou City, launched in 2006 to the current soil testing technology has introduced a total of 1109 mu times , fertilizer application declined than 4 years ago 15% , supporting the implementation of reduction efficiency of pesticides pests of crops Zhongshan University harmless treatment project , technology has reached more than 85% coverage , pesticide use has dropped by 15% , effective control of pollution sources , reduce the production sector is Ecological environment. Vigorously promote the utilization of agricultural wastes , and actively promote "energy environmental protection "," eco- energy "and other auxiliary projects of different types of gas , the current scale breeding farms in the city building 238 large biogas , biogas anaerobic tank Volume of 210.5 million cubic meters , the annual slurry using 1.53 million tons , of which Huzhou Daixi da 30 kW net farm methane generator has successfully test also marked the city scale pig farming in rural marsh gas waste management made New breakthroughs. Moreover, in rural life , rural clean energy utilization rate has reached 63.84% , in particular the promotion of solar water heaters, biogas utilization, straw gasification and promoting the development and utilization of renewable energy to improve the quality of the village environment . Now accumulated in the rural areas to promote the city's 147,900 square meters of solar water heater , benefiting 127,000 farmers ; to expand in the growing solar PV industry , aquaculture and village lighting up 15 pilot projects , which make use of solar street light in 13 villages , Optical insect-catching two applications areas ; combine efforts to develop agricultural nonpoint source pollution, methane , methane 1.8 million cubic meters a year for household use . Meanwhile, the active construction of rural biogas sewage purification works , the implementation of three changes in rural areas ( circle change , lavatories , changing kitchen ), a centralized or decentralized wastewater treatment system construction of rural biogas purification project . The city has accumulated into 86 " purifying sewage gas project " model village , complete construction of sewage purification capacity of 34,630 cubic meters biogas digesters , up to 4.2 million tons in clean water , improving the village environment.