US- led air to water heaters , " five-star hot " new trend
Water heaters provide hot water alone is not only to provide a single function , whether people-oriented , to achieve five-star hotel demanding "five seconds to provide unlimited hot water "is the highest demands on the water heater . Recently, the U.S. central air conditioning air conditioning, latest technology in the home- range air- to water heaters , energy and related technologies in the product index made a revolutionary breakthrough. America 's central air-conditioning initiated a " five-star water quality " , a product can only last a single function of providing hot water , so that " water temperature, water , environmental protection and health , " the unity of water heater industry will have made outstanding Contribution. According to the latest market research data, the high-end real estate , villa of large amount of hot water situation , the ordinary water heater has been unable to meet the actual use of demand. The most prominent issues is reflected in low efficiency heating and hot water systems take too long and so on. Many consumers and small swimming pool bath house hot water system for taking too long and hot water before and after the big changes in water temperature and other factors . Average daily utilization of water heater products . To solve the above problems, the latest U.S. research and development of central air-conditioning air to break through the traditional hot water heater equipment works, air-conditioning heat pump principles creatively applied to the unit , using air- compressor -driven refrigerant to reverse Carnot cycle , and through the refrigerant Outside air temperature endothermic , the compression heating and refrigerant heat exchangers and other water- continuous process , the large number of low-grade heat source ( air, heat ) through the compressor and the refrigerant can be transformed into high- grade The use of heat , bring water to get hot water heating system , the output energy of more than 3 times the input power . Preparation of hot water without the chemical combustion process , water and electricity completely separated , but from the air inexhaustible natural energy, clean the whole process without any insecurity. The use of technology is the world's new energy-saving technology of concern is present following the hot water boiler , gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heater after the new generation of environmentally friendly hot water system to take devices . U.S. air to water heater compared with the ordinary electric heating products , energy saving up to 80% , compared with the urban gas pipeline more than 30% energy saving , compared with fuel oil water heater efficiency of 20 % or more ; and the system is running without any harmful gases , liquid and burning of waste generation and emissions , is a low energy consumption of environmentally friendly products. Air to the central water heater from overcast , rain , etc. any weather , to the full year, around the clock to provide domestic hot water , installation is not the building or floor constraints, it can be placed anywhere, but a very small area of space filled Solar water heaters generally use the difficult , difficult installation , maintenance is difficult and subject to weather conditions affect the supply of hot water can not guarantee that any such defects . The overall use of large capacity water heater insulating foam pressure tank , good insulation properties , adequate water , can guarantee the water temperature constant , and can realize multi-point hot water at the same time , with the open with out water powerful and comfortable to use . Industry experts have predicted : The U.S. air to water heater products in the market this year after landing , with the product technical advantages will quickly sweep schools, hospitals, factories, hotels , sports stadiums, below 60 ? and hot water market , rapidly changing the competitive landscape industry .