Roof mounted solar energy , property say

Lee lives in a residential community 6 top floor , taking into account the low-carbon energy , he installed a solar water heater roof . Can be installed, not a week , the property under a rectification notice requiring Lee within 7 days of rooftop solar water heater removed. Residents : can not install solar roof ? Lee last July in the group of Republican City Area containing one to buy a duplex in the top 6th floor room . Lee found that there was a flat roof , to think that the installation of a solar water heater, low carbon and energy-efficient . This year in March , before the renovation began in the housing , Mr. Li specifically to property whether corporate advisory on the roof mounted solar water heater, the answer was to install . August 14 , Lee was finally home solar water heaters installed in place on the roof . " Less than a week , give us the property under a rectification notice , require us within 7 days to remove the roof of the solar water heater , otherwise it will send to compel the removal , and all the consequences resulting from our commitment . " Property : unauthorized installation of aesthetic impact , " Hefei so many cell are allowed to install solar water heaters on the roof , why do we plot was not? " Lee questioned . The reporter then contacted Mr. Lee Sheng living quarters of the group of property companies , the staff Ms. Chen told reporters , "Our agreement with the owners of the property signed , residential area of the roof are pooled , not individual . Before , some households in the roof Install solar water heaters, but have not been property agreement , a violation of " Property Management Regulations of Anhui Province "requirement , an unauthorized installation . " Ms. Chen said that in the residential installation of solar energy is a unified standard , the owners of solar water heater should be installed in its own balcony , installed in the roof will affect the residential appearance . She also said that , due to the flat roof area is only enough to install a solar water heater , if the 6th floor of the tenants to allow installation of 1 to 5 F, which is not fair to tenants . Amenities : not yet introduced the relevant provisions of then , reporters covering the installation of solar water heater city of Hefei city management bureau . A staff member told reporters , " Hefei has not issued specific regulations for solar water heater installation . At present, the power of approval to install solar water heaters still in the hands of the property , the majority of the owners if the need to install solar water heaters, must first obtain the consent of district property . Property from the residential point of view the overall appearance , etc. , to decide whether to allow owners to install solar water heaters on the roof .