Nanning 10 pilot counties to promote solar water heater
Year, I zone in the Forest Region 9 pilot cities and 10 counties to promote solar water heater, 2,000 , 200 for each county . Next year , further expanding the scale promotion of solar water heaters . Meanwhile, the grid can not cover remote forest areas to carry out solar power pilot . The aim of our region on developing and using renewable energy and new energy , promote energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of low-carbon economy, consolidate the results of returning farmland , climate change , construction of ecological demonstration zones of civilization . August 2 , autonomous regions and Western Development Office , regional office of the rural energy program introduced , the decision in my district 9 city Tiandong County and into the water and Miao Autonomous County in 10 counties (cities , districts) in 35 villages in 24 townships 2000 Pilot farmers to promote solar water heaters. Regional subsidy standards for 1,500 yuan / household , grant funds from the Grain for Green in the expenditure of special funds .