Guard against counterfeiting attack Jiemi solar water heater business

Yifeng County Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the jurisdiction of a sale of fake Solar Energy Water heater Operators carried out the investigation and action. Recent report from the masses, Yifeng County towns have businesses selling counterfeit Brand Solar water heater. Manufacturers and the people receiving the report, County Business Council and the east branch of business very rapidly. It is understood that law enforcement officers the same day the party store to check it was found that the solar water heater of suspected counterfeit, professional and technical personnel on the spot by the manufacturers to identify, these counterfeit products are all fake. Because counterfeiters use high technology , resulting in a very realistic replica, the average consumer is difficult to identify. Law enforcement officers to the scene immediately seized on the counterfeit products, and solar energy to be on the sale of counterfeit products, business users be punished . Trade and Industry Branch Director Li east to reporters: we received customers early report suspect products may be counterfeit. Then we contact the manufacturer with Beijing , the first from the periphery to Mo pai obtained some evidence. Then manufacturers have Installation of the allegedly infringing users of solar water heaters have also been identified on site and issue a Certificate of Authenticity, confirmed batch solar water heater is infringing products. The case is under investigation processed.