China electric water heater 's first has been the world energy-saving Awards

Recently, the electric water heater brand Shuaikang won IEEPA "global saving innovative products " , which is the water heater industry, the first time "Global energy-saving innovations "award. Insiders pointed out that SHUAIKANG electric water heater in China, the first internationally energy-saving recognized , marking the water heater in the industry to upgrade the green innovation breakthrough, the international competitiveness of further enhance Chinese electric water heater products this in the global appliances energy saving war Occupy an important position. It is understood by the U.S. Agency for International Environmental Science Research Centre of the relevant international environmental research institutions , international environmental organizations and industry experts IEEPA has been held in China more than with international influence the activities , as the highest level and influential The largest saving and environmental protection associations , the issue of the "global saving innovative products "category of natural has been recognized as the industry energy Oscars . "We are the 'global saving innovative products ' award to Shuaikang electric water heater , because of its research and development of 3G hierarchical precision control technology has made the world's leading technology, is the world's electric water heater the field major energy-saving break . " IEEPA International Minister of Black ? Markison in his speech commented China's electric water heater energy-saving technology. The Shuaikang chairman Zou state , said , SHUAIKANG will invest 3-4 billion launched photovoltaic solar water heaters and gas water heater project , there are a variety of Shuaikang balcony wall-mounted solar water heater and thermostat gas water heater products to the market, these Products are the leading technology has been sought after market.