Beijing warm golden sunshine project

This reporter recently learned that Beijing will speed up the development and utilization of solar energy in order to promote industrial development . According to the relevant planning , Beijing established in 2012 , the use of solar collector area of 700 square meters, up to 70 megawatts of solar power systems , solar energy output more than 20 billion yuan . It is reported that Beijing will be the main industrial PV 2012 gathering base begun to take shape , built with the advanced level of the PV test center and test center of light and heat . Will solar energy replace conventional energy sources in nearly 90 tons of standard coal , up 20% over the 2008 to reduce emissions of 1.96 million tons of carbon dioxide , sulfur dioxide, 59,000 tons , 32,000 tons of nitrogen oxides . 2020, Beijing, using solar collector area will reach 11 million m2 , up to 300 megawatts of solar power systems , high-end production equipment manufacturing , solar energy engineering systems integration , standard and certification and other aspects create a leading edge . To this end, Beijing will start the implementation of the six "golden sun " works, including 20,000 kilowatts photovoltaic roof project , 50,000 kilowatts of light energy demonstration power plant project online , Sunshine School Project , light water works , light engineering and landscape to benefit farmers Sun night works. The key technology research and development by strengthening the establishment of scientific and technological achievements into experimental platform , train technical personnel from special measures to enhance the overall development level of solar energy.