A strong wind blowing through several sets of solar water heaters were overturned

BEIJING Aug. 14 That evening the wind was terrible, mixed with heavy rain, lightning, there are marble -sized hail. After this strong wind , high-tech zones found Mr. Wang Binjiang Garden District, loft above the solar water heater fragmented: the steel frame was blown distortion, for the support of the four wire rope breaking, the water tank has been set off down the whole. "I could not imagine who would be missed if dropped floor, what kind of consequences ......" Riverside Garden District are all multi-storey house, 6th floor with a loft, most of the roof top of the household solar water heater safety. Mr. Wang's water heater was purchased 7 years ago, in this wind in the total loss, and manufacturers agreed that if the re- purchase, will give him several hundred dollars discount. This is a kind of wind, there will be such great power ? " Are you a tornado ? " so we could not help but speculate. According to weather forecast, because of severe convective weather, the day in addition to heavy rain, the high-tech area of Software Engineering area, there have been 8 gales. Wind power was also confirmed in this tree. District property, said the day a total of seven or eight were drowned, were Wankou thick willows, Theoretical Basis, not to be uprooted was blown off down the middle, She seized the fallen trees which also injured by a parked to the side The Fukang cars, in addition to Mr. Wang at home, and another two people were thrown to the roof of the solar water heater. Yesterday morning, the reporter found in residential households, another victim, Mr. Chang, he was accompanied to install a new solar water heater factory. " the old one was 30 dollars I sold Shou Polan had." and Mr. Wang, he is also the top floor tenants, 6 years ago to buy water heater, stainless steel frame is used.