Whose " solar energy " leaks water?

August 24 , Mr. Lee, who lives in Heze Yihai garden reflect hotline call this newspaper , he lived the roof of Building 5, C unit coming from the sewer water has been , there for a week. According to Lee describes , is the roof of a solar water heater leaking water has caused water pipes have been down , he had to find their unit and B unit next door asking residents have been living , but they have denied their own home solar water heaters. "Look like is that the households in a ' solar energy ' to go out after Sheung Shui , and there may forget to turn off the valve , there may be ' solar energy ' out of trouble , or should not have running water for so long . " Mr Lee said Their households in this building are not very familiar with each other , no contact , he reflected to the district property companies , property companies because they just took over the district , and no contact all households , they had not found the owner of solar water heater . 25 am , the reporters came Yihai Garden to see the water flowing through pipes from the roof to the ceiling , as in the first floor balcony Department Lee rip the pipes , the water ejected from the gap , body spray in the House On . Some residents see the water draining away so much shame , bring the basin , a bucket the water. " so much water is wasted , be a pity . " Mr. Lee 's wife Ms. Zhang said , "I hope to come back as soon as possible this household shut the valve . "