The combination of solar energy and architecture

Solar energy as a green, environmentally friendly and energy of a huge energy savings really conventional energy consumption, reduce harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and other renewable energy sources, is widely used in people's daily production, daily lives. Divided into photovoltaic solar energy use and the use of light and heat of two parts , the use of solar thermal technology is the development of the most mature and the lowest cost of production , application of the most extensive form of a solar energy applications . Today, solar thermal utilization in China , whether that output , or holdings have been ranked first in the world , and is an annual 20% - 30% growth rate of continuous development. Solar thermal utilization must be combined with the architectural design applications , it is necessary to consider the solar system and the building heating , cooling , water and sewage systems combined , but also consider the solar collector combined with the building structure . As a result, we can see that the combination of solar energy and architecture is a combination from the inside out , is fully integrated systems to the structure