Tube solar water heaters the most important good or bad

Winter or cloudy days , if the solar water heater home hot water out of less , or no insulation , water heater , this sets the quality of the solar cells is questionable. Haining solar products at the provincial quality inspection center of statistics, Haining 's all-glass solar collector tubes of the actual annual output has reached 150 million . In 2009, the total national demand for these products is about 300 million . However, market share, the production of solar cells from Haining sales account for only 25% of total market share . This means that , Haining , about half of solar cells overcapacity . Shen Bin, deputy director of the center , said solar collector tubes Haining manufacturer still on the trend of rapid increase . "Two years ago , Haining more than 10 manufacturers of solar collector tube , has now reached 46 . " these 46 companies , most SMEs , large companies are few . Excess capacity , supply and demand with solar cells significantly low and peak seasons , resulting in disorderly competition in the industry and ultimately affect the quality of the products . According to Shen Bin introduced , the last 3 years, production of solar cells Haining , the market 's most widely used 57 mm diameter vacuum tube integrated pass rate 80%. Good or bad performance of solar collector tubes is directly related to the water heater 's performance good or bad . " But the quality of the relevant solar cells transform solar energy absorption capacity is limited , especially in the winter and cloudy days , the less hot water heater , water temperature is low, poor thermal insulation properties . good solar water heater in the winter of holding time of 2 ~ 3 days , but the difference of solar water heater, may be had only 1 day at room temperature as the water temperature Jiugen . " Recently, based on " all-glass vacuum tube solar collector "for the provincial quality inspection center of solar energy products prepared in "Zhejiang All glass vacuum tube solar collector product quality supervision and inspection of these rules is " allowed to publish . This means that , in the province-wide , for all-glass vacuum tube solar collectors have a unified evaluation of the supervision and inspection standards .