21st century is the century of renewable energy , solar century

Not only provide a bath , but also for families , building for central hot water; can provide lighting for the road can also be made of light Electricity Sculptures dotted the city at night ; new type of solar air conditioning, heating can be more direct cooling ; mounted side solar glass curtain wall , can have an easy access from the solar energy of solar house ... ... these are ripe for development and utilization of solar energy technology , and both already have a mature product . Also believe that the solar hot water is equivalent to you , then you are too out of touch ! Solar thermal solar water heating only one way of using the terminal . In fact , with the photovoltaic power generation, the use of photovoltaic technology , solar thermal application is currently being extended to mobile phones, motorCar, Lighting , air conditioning and other civilian consumer goods . China is rich in solar energy resources , solar energy prospects . At present, the scale of China's solar energy industry has ranked first in the world , is the world's production and use of solar water heater largest country and an important producer of solar photovoltaic cells . China has two more mature solar products : solar photovoltaic systems and solar hot water system . Dezhou Tenghai Qiang , deputy director appointed by the letter told reporters in Texas , solar thermal power generation system also has matured and is completely independent intellectual property rights , which Keyi avoid photovoltaic power generation lower transformation rate swap , Shengchan high??, high investment Yi Ji and Wang , charge storage storage, a large area covering a range of issues . Solar thermal power generation is another big advantage of low cost, larger , lower cost , with the development of the long term advantages . In fact, the solar PV solar thermal power than the prospect of greater size , potential for greater has become a consensus . Currently, the Sahara desert in Europe , North Africa, the desert heat power generation project has a total electricity consumption in Europe for more than 50% , Inner Mongolia, Gobi Desert, the high-temperature geothermal power project is expected to reach 60%. According to the industry sources, as solar thermal power generation technology , raw materials are independent R & D , has full intellectual property rights , the state will vigorously support the promotion , the future of solar thermal power generation in China 's growth rate , size is expected to exceed the level of PV , Become the main alternative to coal Energy Way . Structural transformation in the world energy , solar energy is particularly prominent position. If the 20th century Oil Century , then the 21st century is the century of renewable energy , solar century.