Sources and sinks of peasant living standards rise, "low-carbon life"

With the continuous improvement of people 's living standards , Henan Luohe Yuan Huiqu of people also spoke the " low-carbon life " , "green "and" ecological civilization " , " energy saving "and other eco- through. Planting green, care of the environment, the people became the new fashion . Speaking of low-carbon life, Yuanhui Qu Wu Yin Cho Township, Village Party secretary Wu Deyou relief to the author revealed the long list of : water conservation , energy saving lighting , solar water heater, gas cooking , garbage three categories and so on . In the past , to cooking , for example, the village every family hold firewood for cooking fires , firewood along the way to go out , smoke desperately and do not say that the streets have no one to clean the yard when Since the use of methane gas, Not only saves time and effort , and clean, " no smoke , the only smell the food in Hong "has become now a true portrayal of Big Wu Village . About the benefits of biogas , the villagers Haijiang uncle look of excitement : " Biogas is the convenience , these words do not leave a little , since my home cooking on gas after that though much less wood than before , but cooking But a lot faster , there are government subsidies . " Moreover, the energy-saving lights, solar water heater in the village abound . Are now in the Yuan Huiqu , with energy-saving devices into the homes of ordinary people , the gradual deepening of energy saving ideas to rural areas, water conservation, using energy-saving lamps , garbage classification of packaging, using environmentally friendly building materials home decoration and other " low carbon " behavior Become the conscious action of the villagers , clean up , environmental protection together , saving up , people have become Yuan Huiqu new pursuit . In recent years, Yuan Huiqu active in guiding farmers to improve the quality of life at the same time , the advocates of environmental protection as a new way of life rural reconstruction important part of the task , actively carry out " clean home Huo Dong " , vigorously Shishi village street sclerosis , green landscaping , change Shui , lavatories , straw gasification , energy saving lamp installation, garbage classification, ecological civilization families create activities, environmental projects, from building public areas of the village extends to the garden , from hardware to improve the environment to enhance the environmental quality of the extension of the masses , in addition , saving energy and reducing rural Tai Hing Row of wind , to achieve household cleaning civilization , effective solution to the vast rural areas have no alternative but for generations , " College Students Donate Sperm "problem , so that farmers gradually into the city of life , reaching a harmony between man and nature . Energy-saving , environmentally friendly " low-carbon life " is getting into every household.