Much to accomplish the development of green building

Park, Haidian District, Beijing clearly on the implementation of a solar cell integrated construction , the residents were using heating and solar heating and so on. It is estimated that each square meter using solar collector, some could be saving 600 kwh a year. NPC, Huang Ming Solar Energy Group Co. Company Huang Ming , Chairman , told reporters that " regardless of heating or heating, solar energy is an important part of building energy efficiency. At present, China has been promoting solar collector 130 million square meters, accounting for the amount of the total global promotion of 76% coverage 50 million households , nearly 2 million people. " Huang Ming on behalf of the proposal, building energy efficiency "sunshine channel, "and also further expand in the details. Now many top-level design is not conducive for residential installation of solar energy, such as when there is no provision in the design of pipelines, residential -style roof is a roof, install solar energy have become a limiting factor. Huang Ming suggested that reference shelf high-rise buildings set aside the practice of air conditioning in the building design, construction outside the walls of sun design, solar water heater shelf reserved.