Macro to remind low-carbon condensing gas water heater is still the mainstream

Water heater market in the Contest of age four, the air can be expensive and electrical safety hazards first to drop the Xia Sheng , with the exception of solar and conventional gas water heater market in the whole two compete with. Although there are a lot of data started to show people tend to no energy loss and the cost of solar water heaters, but as a lead market for many years Macro kitchen , had to remind you : gas water heater is still the mainstream , is the preferred choice. Gas water heater because of the decline of energy consumption and environmental protection put forward, perhaps not as good as the previous solar water heaters, gas water heater, but now Macro launched two condensing gas water heater, energy efficiency, a little technology and low-carbon , no longer than the solar Water heater no difference, without change in the weather and the situation is the solar water heater can not be compared ; but also the risks of multiple security control of several control to zero. So, MACRO Macro to launch your own research and development of portraitJSG34-20U2Type condensing gas water heater, ignited and efficient use of a high security environment with the combination of low-carbon, is definitely the first choice for your home.