Will become the mainstream flat-panel solar water heater

Compared with vacuum tube solar water heater , flat panel solar water heater because of its easy integration with the building facade, ease of installation operation and maintenance, long life and other advantages popular in many countries, the market share of close to 100%. But in China, its market share of less than 10% , this is also the world's water heater industry is evaluated as "China phenomenon. " However, this awkward situation is as represented by the five-star solar manufacturers continued commitment to innovation, and needs to expand and improve year on year . In the Chinese market , the reason why vacuum tube solar water heaters account for more than 90 % market share, with many brands of solar water heater vacuum tube manufacturing products also dominated mainly by technical and historical reasons. In the eighties and nineties of last century, when the natural cycle of flat panel solar water heater temperature above 0 ? required , compared with a vacuum-type work in -10? or so, there are obvious " shortcomings ", plus the cost of production of vacuum tube products each year Lower , making consumers and manufacturers are willing to use the vacuum tube solar water heaters. However, with the accelerated process of urban development in recent years, multi-layer and high-rise buildings have mushroomed where they stand on the vacuum tube solar water heater installation and use of the formation of serious "challenges. " "As the multi-storey buildings and high-rise buildings is not enough roof area, terrace -style should be adopted or the south wall of the solar water heater, and vacuum tube easily broken , easily leak sealing gasket aging to carry out balcony or wall installation, a great security risk . " Beijing A solar energy company in a well-known executives said the cracking during the winter season trade vacuum tubes, in the company almost did not see , because they all went to the site maintenance . In contrast, the technology continues to advance flat-panel solar water heater market ushered in transit. " flow with copper pipe , cover with glass making, use of a secondary circulatory system and the antifreeze in the flat panel solar collector, can load 1500 kg , and is not ' afraid ' cool-running. " has committed to set up 20 years Flat panel solar water heater R & D, five-star Solar Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Guangliang now confidence. He told reporters that the company had personally with senior R & D of new efficient flat-panel solar water heater and vacuum tube on the market to buy products went to the northern tip of China - Mohe comparative low-temperature environment test. At -40 ? , the plate product in good working order , output and stability of hot water , and vacuum tube -based products have burst. "This year, five-star solar energy has become the 16th Asian Games in the solar water heater suppliers , and in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the use of flat solar products all come from imports. " " last two years, China's flat panel solar water heater Yi -year growth of 46 percent of the speed in the rapid growth. " Chinese Nongcun energy Hangyexiehui Tai Yangneng use Zhuanye Committee director Luo Zhentao Biao Shi, Ping Ban water heater Youqishihe Daxinggongcheng entries to the one now many provinces and cities Million square meters more projects are ready to choose to use flat solar water heaters.