Nanya town of solar water heaters , " favored " farm

"Two days ago, we bought a home next door to Old Lee a solar water heater, hot water is quick and labor-saving , simply , and residents of their home field is no difference between natural gas water heater. " August 29 morning, Nanya Town, Chong Farmer Zhang solar water heater before you pick one side, while the authors said. "Since the beginning of sales of our products has been very strong monthly sales of about 20% more than last year or so. " town vendors of solar water heater with a smile told reporters that since mid- August , their average daily Have to sell 3 sets of solar water heaters. "From the main sales point of view, 95% are farmers. " solar water heaters dealers Liu told the author that, with the income of farmers increased, the quality of life in the pursuit of increasingly high, while the clean and solar water heaters that Convenient product just to meet the needs of farmers. It is understood that the county is selling many of the solar water heater " appliances to the countryside, " the brand , the peasants to buy a solar water heater will be 13% of the price subsidies. Such as the purchase price of 3,000 yuan a solar water heater can save 390 yuan directly.