Solar water heater product certification and testing training success

August 21, 2010 to August 23, 2010 by Kam Heng Certification Organization " solar water heater product certification and testing training " classes, in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China Sun Valley micro- ranked international hotel success. The course more than solar water heater at home and abroad were invited to standards, certification , testing, policy, technical experts , academics, students participating in the training area was the development of cutting edge solar water heater , rules, standards and installation carried out in-depth analysis of case And explained . The training of domestic solar water heaters more than 30 enterprises in more than 70 quality managers. International Solar Energy Society, Vice-Chairman , Huang Ming Solar Energy Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang Ming , the State Quality Inspection Center Solar ( Wuhan) Director, Mr. Zhang Xiaoli , Kam Heng , deputy Mr. Ren Wanlin certification center at the opening ceremony course , welcome Students to actively participate in , and hope that this training will further enhance the solar energy business to quality management??, enhance product quality solar water heater , solar water heaters Xing Ye Zheng Ge pulling in Chinese healthy , sustained and rapid development . National Solar Quality Inspection Center ( Beijing) , director Zhang Xin Yu , Kam Heng Certification Certification Minister Zong , Intertek Intertek Group Manager Ting Tang also attended the opening ceremony of training course . 3-day training course aimed at " Golden Sun Certification rules and certification description "," GB/T6424-2007 flat plate solar collectors " national standards and test content and methods , "GB/T17581-2007 vacuum tube solar Collector of "national standards and test content and methods , "GB/T19141-2003 household solar water heater system technical conditions "," "GB/T18708-2002 thermal performance of domestic solar hot water system test method , "GB/T17049-2005 All-glass vacuum tube solar collector , " the national standards and test content and methods , SolarKeymark and European certification description , SolarheatingandcoolingProgram, Wong Ming manufacture and installation of solar energy and explain the process of case analysis , a detailed explanation and teaching interaction . After the training participants for the training of theory test , the highest scores obtained Jianheng Certification Center " Golden Sun Quality Quality Manager " certificate of outstanding students . During the training , the State Department counselor , China Renewable Energy Society · Advanced chairman of the China Renewable Energy Society Zhao Yuwen , vice chairman Xu Honghua , Li Baoshan, the Secretary-General and his entourage came to the training site to see all the students attending the training and warm pictures taken. Shi Dinghuan president said in his speech : The training course content-rich , flexible forms of training , trainees learn the system , understand the certification rules, strengthening enterprise product quality management , and constantly improve the industry 's quality awareness and quality control , has a very important Role. Only China solar water heater product quality excellence, the solar water heater industry to continue to flourish . Shi Dinghuan chairman also Jianheng Certification Center and the Sun Valley Training Centre , said the organization was fully affirmed , and hope that this activity will be continued , as the field of solar water heaters in China , " Whampoa Military Academy . "