Solar's "beautiful era"

Today, the popularity of flat-panel TVs , tablet PCs followed the trend, and even solar energy is far behind in playing the"flat". This reporter has learned, flat solar water heater with its safety, environmental protection, aesthetics and other advantages, the water heater market attention, all the way up. According to industry sources, the traditional slope -type solar water heaters installed in residential buildings were largely limited to the roof, and solar water heater but it can not restrict access to people, family floor . Solar energy or will celebrate their own " flat-panel era." " flat-panel solar water heater can be installed on the walls of the balcony or not affect the building design and energy efficiency are far superior to vacuum tubes , it can achieve thermal efficiency of more than 76%, higher than the vacuum tube 21% thermal efficiency, more efficient energy saving. " A water heater to the staff of Road store . er saw the so-called solar water heater is a flat plate collector name , its simple shape, small space, can be described as a collector to achieve the perfect combination of body and architecture. It is understood that not only overcome the flat panel solar water heater vacuum tube and the ring easy to leakage problems, and mature technology, pressure is strong, easy to implement solar energy and building integration, and therefore more safe, reliable, energy-saving appearance . Pioneer design which does lead to a lot of consumer interest. Experienced in the shop flat solar water heater 's Liu said, " now a popular saying that ' low carbon ' , more clean and environmentally friendly solar water heater, energy saving concept. more space-saving flat, against strong, do not worry about external damage . And these water heaters more intelligent , and I see this in addition to maintaining all-weather hot water , there are self-test function and power failure memory function, more convenient to use. " Reporters found that, with the city 's villas, high-level , small high-level gradually increased , people seeking shelter in the beautiful interior decoration based on the appearance of the housing requirement has gradually increased. " the appearance of simple flat-plate collector and generous, can be made directly to walls , window canopy of other construction components, both functional and beautiful. This is where consmers really interested. " staff said solar water heater More By young consumers, because they are willing to accept new things , and more emphasis on energy conservation response to low carbon living. Experts said that with the constant breakthroughs in key technologies , the integration of domestic solar energy and building the growing trend , China's solar water heater will also move towards flat-panel era. However, the development of flat plate solar water heater does not mean that will fully replace the vacuum tube solar water heaters. Consumers should choose according to their actual needs the most suitable product.