Solar energy efficiency standards for the forthcoming trade

Recently, the solar water heater industry 's first compulsory national standard - " domestic solar hot water system energy efficiency and energy efficiency level limit value "standard manuscript has been finalized , this time bringing them to trial solar energy efficiency standards for appliances and air conditioning products such as energy efficiency Also divided into five , a energy-efficient . Although solar water heater energy efficiency standards , in contrast, the reporter leading brand of rain the sun when the responsible people understand that the standard in the early stages of the implementation challenges faced , first of all , solar energy efficiency standards for products different from household electrical appliances , from how much power consumption on Can generally be seen clearly the level of energy efficiency . The solar energy is clean energy , there is no how much energy , energy efficiency standards for products obtained mainly from the heat , heat loss , heat and other indicators of protection division . That there is hard to understand the situation of consumers , there will not rule out the brand of individual motives mislead appear. Second, because large-scale solar energy products home appliance stores in the admission rate was not high , its sales channels mainly shops and even grocery store across the countryside , with many brands of solar industry , the relevant departments to implement energy efficiency standards of regulation are also facing some Difficult .