Scale solar thermal industry dominated the global call policy Dongfeng

China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization of Renewable Energy Professional Committee Zhu Junsheng to the " China Energy Report "reporter pointed out that the use of solar heat in many people's minds is a grass-roots industry, technology low, the product grade is not inflow. But he believes that this is the community 's misunderstanding of this industry, in fact , this is a completely explored and promoted by the Chinese industry has gone through in just 10 years of European and American developed countries within 50 years of road. Sun Rain New Solar Group Chairman Xu told reporters: " We have completed the solar manufacturing equipment from manual to semi- automatic, fully automated moving forward now." It is understood that Emperor Ming Solar Energy Equipment Group, automatic production line to complete the construction in 2009, At the same time, the solar Air conditioning, Solar thermal power generation technology represents the industry's future development direction of the field, are actively practice the Ming emperor. In fact, the Chinese solar energy enterprises technological innovation, and promote industry upgrading the footsteps of the moment did not stop. Solar Energy Group , Shandong Power Norit few years ago started with building integrated solar combined R & D work in the recently held 2009 annual national science and technology awards, the force Norit homegrown "solar Collector key technology in the construction of the development and application" was awarded the" 2009 National Science and Technology Progress Award ", was so winning , in the field of renewable energy is the first time. Turning power Norit innovative achievements, Luo Zhentao to " industry technical benchmark "to describe. He noted that China has strongly advocated various sectors to strengthen independent innovation, to vigorously Norit as the representative use of solar thermal companies have switched from a " Made in China "to" Created in China " the real changes it represents the whole Solar thermal industry, technological innovation features , should be adequate attention.