New type of solar water heater is too eye-opener for people Fair favorites

September 17, the highlight of the Eighth Pacific Fair, one of the Second China ( Wuxi ) New Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center. Display of many new energy products, has forced open the door of life. This exhibition by the Forum and the exhibition of two parts. September 17, from 6 countries and regions, numerous famous and institutions are drying out in the exhibition their latest new energy products , new type of solar water heater is how like? People want to install solar water heaters are the biggest worry is that the installation of the collector area is too restricted . 17 -day exhibition , the reporter found that by the Wuxi Hi-tech Industry Development Co., Ltd. produces solar water heater , which is easy to install . " can be installed on the roof , the balcony also work, or in the car park , green belt even Gala Li , as long as the sun according to the place can get . " split the water heater is designed , in the Guangzhou Asian Games and Shanghai World Expo have been The use of Wuxi New District has introduced a set of several residential water heater equipment . "Flexible installation can save space , while an increase of 20 % of heat production . " reporter learned that , like an ordinary family of three , home safety and a 2-4 square meters of collector plate is completely enough. Attracted much attention in the research by the Australian Automobile Association Aurora solar car on the 17th also came to the exhibition site , there are a lot of people glimpse of its style . " look at yourself in the sun can be run on a few thousand kilometers , so cool the . " concept development personnel exclaimed . September 17 , BYD electric cars on display 5 has attracted many people's eyes . Chen said the staff , these 5 cars were electric and gasoline hybrid , fuel costs can be five or six thousand dollars a year . With the average vehicle speed is similar to an electric charge ran 300 km . It is reported that electric cars have been popular taxi in Shenzhen , the local also has a number of additional power plants, while retail sales have greatly increased. " Companies are now trying to negotiate with the Wuxi area , hoping to build additional power plants in Wuxi . At the same time from a number of the country's new energy industry experts to conduct a wonderful speech. The conference's forum , the " Father of the International Solar Energy " reputation of the University of New South Wales , Professor Martin Green gave a lecture on the solar cell. 17, the first of China's new top 30 energy companies in the General Assembly on the selection list announced , Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. top the popular list . List of companies involved in solar, wind, biomass and nuclear energy , which accounted for the majority of private enterprises.