Home appliances to the countryside before the July sales increase 2.4 times

Needless to say, home appliances to the countryside policies and channels for manufacturers undoubtedly provides a new impetus, but also of the market trends , continually tap the potential of rural consumption. Borrow the words of the industry, " home appliances to the countryside is not a simple product to the countryside , but product concepts and marketing ideas to the countryside; is not a simple market to expand to rural areas, but in the rural market demand for the core concept of Change. " " Energy " is becoming the new trend of rural consumption. Survey, the average price of home appliances to the countryside refrigerator sales increased year by year, second half of 2009 , average selling price of home appliances to the countryside for the 2101 yuan refrigerator, in the first half of 2010 this figure had increased to 2,154 yuan. Concern? yes, Zai under the guidance of the national energy conservation policy of emission reduction, rural consumption to energy saving appliances to move closer to environmental Fang Xiang , Xiao Fei zhe pair of refrigerators in rural energy consumption in the consideration of Yi Jing as the major Yin Su Ying Xiang Qi Goumai. Similarly, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and the latest household appliances to the countryside winning products, 168 solar water heater manufacturer, solar water heater products more than a thousand short-listed models. The industry believes that working with home appliances to the countryside is the solar water heater business of natural selection, a major reshuffle to promote trade opportunities. In addition, the rural consumer demand with the policy of in-depth, constantly improved. It is reported that in 2010, bringing home appliances will soon introduce a new policy, television ceiling price increase from 3,500 yuan to 7,000 yuan. This is bound to set off large -size LCD for rural consumers, the strong demand.