Enterprise cost heater blasting industry: 22% profit channel

August 9, as Home Appliances Countryside successful brand, Beijing strongly into the solar energy released in Beijing Great Hall of the " White Paper on China's solar water heater cost ", called solar water heater business to affordable high quality positioning, so that every farmer can afford to buy quality and reliable service guaranteed Solar water heaters, and solar water heater industry really bigger and stronger. Face from all media and journalists more than 100 strong into the solar energy into the Da Bao Li, general manager of the cost of solar water heater industry insider, to the retail price of 1350 yuan of JNG581800-1.8m-15 branch of the solar water heater, for example, the price structure As follows: a total of 200 vacuum tube 15 , holding tank 408 yuan, 132 yuan support , sales costs : 120 yuan, profits of manufacturers : 80, the logistics cost of 60 yuan, the channel profit: 280 yuan, and the market model, a similar performance Well-known brand solar water heater than a thousand dollars cheaper the move caused a stir in the industry . Similarly, many industry experts, the author analyzed the solar water heater industry has long been one of the biggest drawbacks is the unrealistically high price, value and price a serious departure from the farmers lack the most basic right to know; also part of the small workshop -type plants using low- farmers like the price Psychology, specializing in poor to very low price of solar water heaters to deceive the farmers, the product has not been authorized organs of the national solar water heater testing, quality, serious hidden dangers , after-sales service are not guaranteed. Although solar water heater industry after nearly two decades of development, especially in the countryside home appliances from 2009 since the solar water heaters in China's rural market has long been a " mass product ", but the farmers for the quality of solar water heaters, price, service fliers " outsider ", so a lot of rural areas face a hodge- winning products and inferior products do not know how to choose the time.