Buy a solar water heater have to "smuggling"?

A district in Guangzhou, the property management company to " install the collector will affect the appearance of high-rise housing, "he blocked the owners to install solar collectors. Given the strong property management companies, owners can only choose to use electric water heater or gas water heater. But it was not satisfied , the owner is a lawyer familiar with the State to encourage the use of clean energy -related laws and regulations, that the property company's requirement is unreasonable, he was chosen to fight a fight, but to escape the security of inventory shipped to collectors Into the cell is not easy. He told reporters about the security of wits with the district 's experience. For the first time, businesses delivered to the gate , the security that is the solar water heaters do not give into the stop, said the district can not be installed. So he thought of a Lotus : he drove his car driving slowly in front , so that businessmen van with a half between his car wide range of people. As an owner, he rides in the security can be thwarted; and a half wide range of people, security has inserted between the two vehicles can not go on this way to the solar water heater " smuggled " into their own homes. Not only high-rise residential, and many villas also on the installation of solar collectors to limit. Panyu district, many top of the slope of a townhouse, originally very suitable for the installation of solar collector, but management asked collectors can only be installed on the back of the sloping roof, that is downstairs outside the pedestrian 's attention Standard. Thus, the North said to the house better , just the collection of solar, and villa to the south can only be installed in the shade, a pitiful collection of light and heat, users more harm than good. Mr. Wang purchased the owners renovated townhouse before, in accordance with the provisions of the management office to pay a 4,000 yuan deposit, and decorations in the roof to install a solar collector, in order to fully capture the positive energy installed in the roof. House renovation is completed, management to acceptance , said that his collector violated the installation requirements, all of the deposit to be deducted, Mr. Wang committed this difficult. Finally, the collector is first removed, so back the deposit and then putting it back, this time management has no way to get him. But let this torment Mr. Wang was angry: State clearly promotes the use of solar energy, property management companies on what basis blocking.