Water heater market is competing together in the "space war "

Air to water heaters, solar water heaters as the following after the fourth generation of energy-saving water heaters , solar energy better than relying on the advantage of fast-growing market in the water heater , solar water heater industry to bring enormous challenges. In the past, electric water heater when the market soon , did a smoke break out of " gas-electric dispute . " However , nowadays the solar and air to battle without the slightest smell of gunpowder , solar companies explicitly or implicitly into the air to the industry , in promoting the development of air to the market , while also promoting solar energy technology upgrades and industry progress . Within the profession who believe that this will be a competing together in the water heater "space war. " Air can be more useful than the solar Air to water heaters use the heat the air through the compressed air conversion to heat water with solar water heaters, energy saving, environmental protection and safety advantages , but also solved the adoption of solar water heaters rely on the sun heat and inconvenience of installation problems. In addition, the air can heat water heater to heat exchange through the media , no electrical heating element and water contact , there is no risk of leakage electric water heater , gas water heater also eliminates poisoning and explosion hazards , and no Ranyou water heater exhaust emissions caused by air pollution, Is more secure water heater market . Meanwhile, the annual average electricity consumption of air to water heaters, solar water heater than with auxiliary electric heating power , and this is also a large number of solar energy companies interested in the air to the reason. Currently, users can use the air heater with the benefits mainly in the United States , and Jinjiang , etc. several , among which the famous professional air to water heater with interest is superior. Energy saving money is the benevolent With more and more types of home appliances category , functional automation, intelligent , network , power consumption of appliances is growing rapidly , energy saving appliances to save money will become benevolent . The water heater is concerned, according to media data , electric water heaters and gas water heater temperature 30 ? per 100 liters of water prices of 15.4 yuan and 10 yuan ; air to water heater in the power consumption during operation is only used to move air compressor energy The energy used , so the thermal efficiency as high as 380% -600 % , manufacturing the same amount of hot water , air to water heaters, electric water heater using the cost is only 1/4.